Distinguishing Features

Other than the beautiful and safe area where Huis Nuweland is situated and the proximity to nature, shops, restaurants, coffee shops and medical care; there are a few more things to take note of:
  • Solar panels on our roofs, generating the maximum electricity allowed via ‘shared power’
  • A Lithium-battery and inverter system to keep the lights on 24/7/365, as well as keeping our Wi-Fi and other key office components going, during loadshedding.
  • Our own borehole and tanks
  • A state-of-the-art water purification system
  • Heat pump (with the old geysers/boilers as back-up)
  • Two ‘people mover’ combi vehicles and one small run-around vehicle (bought and/or donated)
  • Recently sealed and treated roofs
  • New canopies for some vehicles to park under
  • Serious investment in various, cutting-edge, world-class medical equipment (since May 2022)
  • We are a popular Home and often the facility of choice in acting as the extension of the love and care of families towards their loved ones that are ready for the next phase in their lives