Resident Services

DAY & NIGHT STAFF 24/7/365

We offer all our residents, in all our accommodation options, a sense of feeling safe and secure, feeling respected and loved.


Our resident can use our various amenities to entertain their guest or to enjoy the Events hosted by Huis Nuweland.


Here at Huis Nuweland our residents get to enjoy exercise, spiritual and comprehensive stimulation.


We offer our residents several activity options to join in, some on a daily basis.

Professional Basic Care

  • Professional Hygiene
  • Assistance with basic exercise, walking, etc
  • Making of beds where required
  • Full shower, bath or full wash
  • Foot & Nail Care offered via professional Chiropodists, every six weeks at your cost. 
  • Hairdresser via regular professional (other washing and/or combing of hair by own staff, etc.), also at your cost.
  • Toilet routine management assistance
  • Nursing care as per Care Plan, according to individual clinical needs

Safety & Security

Safety & Security, as far as we can, are part of what we do for our Residents. We want them to live in a safe, happy, homely environment with abundant friends. This will only be possible if we have the Safety & Security of our residents at heart.

We have high-tech, modern, state-of-the-art cameras in many communal areas inside the Home (and in some strategic areas outside the home). ADT’s site office is directly opposite us and they do regular cycling rounds. Their site office is on the other side of Eden Rd, on the corner of Eden and Alma Roads. They are our ‘neighbours’ and they do a great job. Sometimes, they even accompany residents on their Neighbourhood Walks! 


We want our Residents to feel that Huis Nuweland is their home, therefor we have various available amenities for them to make use of. They can use it to entertain their guest or to enjoy the Events hosted by Huis Nuweland for their Residents.


Our Residents are able to go out and about to where they need to be, by using their own private vehicles and/or arranged transport.

  • Our own Huis Nuweland transport will be used on official, pre-arranged outings and excursions.
  • Our transport is comfortable, safe, and reliable.
  • Shopping trips happen normally on Thursdays (weekly)
  • Facilitating trips to and from the Hospitals per ambulance (with families) Various of outing on a regular basis
  • Selective Emergency Trips when and if needed


We offer our residents several activity options to join in, some on a daily basis, including Exercise, Spiritual and Comprehensive stimulation. Some examples are:

Spiritual Program
  • Bible Studies
  • Prayer Meetings
  • Sunday Streaming Services (10:30)
  • Friday Church Services (10:30)

Comprehensive Stimulation
  • Library
  • Nutty Lady Markets
  • Special Tea’s
  • All day TV, Music, Movies, NetFlix, Showmax and YouTube in lounges


Our Huis Nuweland Residents have the option of opening a Resident account (similar to a ‘Trust Account’) for Pocket/Spending money with our Front Office, to be as cashless as possible on the premises. Money can be drawn Monday to Fridays from 09h00 to 12h00.

We send our residents monthly statements to communicate any fees due or behind. We communicate with families to ensure transparency and foster good relationships.

Credit Card machine for credit card payments in pipeline.

Laundry Services

  • We have a fully functioning laundry on the premises operating 7 days a week.
  • New washing machines and tumble driers
  • Weekly scheduled laundry services to all residents
  • Special care and treatment of contaminated laundry
  • Proper ironing of garments
  • Our laundry processes are in line with Health and Safety standards

Domestic Services

  • Our domestic/cleaning services staff are trained to provide our residents with a clean and safe living environment.
  • We offer weekly scheduled cleaning services to rooms and flats
  • We ensure that living spaces are safe (furniture kept to minimum and arranged to avoid injury or other hazards)
  • All common areas in our Home are cleaned daily as per instruction and duly inspected